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Bangkok is a bustling metropolis full of life and adventure around every corner. It is a mix of both Asian and Western cultures and has become one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Even within a city of the 21st century, surrounded by skyscrapers, shopping malls and hectic lifestyles, there are still places where one can escape to a simpler, more serene lifestyle.

grandpa grandpa Baan Pra Nond Bed & Breakfast, the former home of a Supreme Court justice of Thailand, is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. The 70-year-old home was built and constructed for a mere 8,000 baht (approx 235 US$ or 170 Euros) in the architectural style that was popular for the day and what is now considered Thai Colonial. The former three-bedroom home was a family residence and in its original state, the property was much more expansive, surrounded by fruit orchards and several canals. Additionally, the surrounding homes were the residences of a vast extended family that pretty much made up the majority of the community.

With the modernization of Bangkok, many canals were filled in and replaced by roads. While that may have proven to be unpopular at the time, that modernization has now led to the convenience that Baan Pra Nond Bed & Breakfast can offer to its guests.

We hope that you will come to enjoy Bann Pra Nond Bed & Brekfast’s exquisite and unique allure, delighting in its traditional charms while taking advantage of its modern conveniences.

Baan Pra Nond was the idea of Tasma Cotsmire, a former advertising creative, who was looking to trade in her long, stress filled days for a simpler, quieter lifestyle. Every morning on her way to work, Khun Tasma would pass by her grandfather’s old house and dream of opening up her own Bed & Breakfast. Inspiration met realization when she convinced her mother, aunts and uncle, former residents of the home, to give her the opportunity to put that dream into motion. After a year of planning and renovations, the old family home became Baan Pra Nond.

The name Baan Pra Nond is derived from the Thai word for home (Baan), the former title given to high ranking government officials (Pra) and the judge’s first name (Nondthapanya). Dedicated to their father and grandfather’s legacy, Baan Pra Nond proudly welcomes guests that are looking to enjoy a simple and more relaxed lifestyle that Bangkok has to offer to those who know where to find it.

TasmaAbout the Owners

Tasma is a blend of both Eastern and Western cultures, born and raised in Thailand while also spending over 12 years in the US for her studies. Jason is half Thai and half American, he grew up in the US but moved back over 15 years ago. They can provide guests with the insights of Asian living while understanding Western sensibilities. As a couple who loves to travel, Tasma and Jason can offer guests personal advice on all aspects of traveling in Bangkok, throughout Thailand and around Southeast Asia. Baan Pra Nond is a family run business and you will notice this in the intimate details that makes every stay a memorable experience.

We hope to see you soon...

E-mail: writeus@baanpranond.com

(Thanks Andrew Lim, our frequent guest, and P'Noi for the wonderful pictures on our website.)